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Tips on Buying an RV
Have you decided on just what your plans are for your recreational activities? Have you owned and RV before? This is critical. If you have owned an RV before you will not need as much formal training as a first time RV'er. (MORE)

Tips on Selling an RV
There are so many values on RV's. There is MSRP, List Price, Sale Price, Blow Out Price, Wholesale Price, Loan Value, Aution Value and finally Your Value. So which one do you start with? With a highly depreciating asset it would make sense to "sell it as fast as possible". Place an ad on the internet, stick a FOR SALE sign in the window and just wait for the buyer, (MORE)

Quick Tips for RV'ers

Tip #1
Bag of ICE in black tank before traveling.

Tip #2
Tire Monitoring System.

Tip #3
Secure Items Before Leaving in RV

Festivals in Texas

Festivals in Texas brought to you by

Look under our FESTIVALS page to see all of the events going on in Texas this month. If you don't know of anything going on, this is the place to look and discover a myriad of activities. There are over 70+ things to do for the month of August. Don't wait . Let us know what events you attended and leave us a message on FACEBOOK or TWITTER . Follow us at these locations to get the latest scoops on what we discover and share with the world. Stay tuned, we will be LIVE STREAMING from assorted events very soon. If you want to ask us about anything RV related, social media is an excellent way for a quick response.